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The Midine & Aside Pillows

Designed by Dr. Jeffrey Klein

The Inventor of Tumescent Local Anesthesia

Specifically Designed for Inner & Outer Thigh Liposuction to Achieve a Smoother Result

Surgeons reduce the risk of creating trochanteric depression, due to excessive liposuction of the thigh area with The Midine and The Aside positioning pillows. They facilitate super aesthetic results for liposuction!

  • Prevents Liposuction Defects
  • Reduces Risk of Excessive Liposuction that can cause indentations
  • Helps to position & maintain the targeted thigh area in the ideal anatomic position during surgery
  • Maximizes Patient Comfort During Surgery
  • Reduces Touch-Up Surgeries
  • Happy Patients = More Referrals
  • Optional Sterile Covers

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The Thigh Midine™

Thigh Midine™ is a wedge shaped surgical positioning pillow that helps approxi-
mate the anatomic position with the patient in the lateral decubitus position. In
the lateral decubitus position the Midine™ minimizes the pseudobulge by abduc-
ting the upper-most thigh. In fact, the trochanteric pseudobulge can be comple-
tely eliminated by using the Midine™ and also rotating the femur anteriorly and
medially, and pointing the toes of that foot in a “pigeon-toed” fashion. This ma-
neuver causes the trochanteric tubercle to be displaced anteriorly, and medially.
By using the Thigh Midine™ in this fashion, the surgeon can reduce the risk of
creating trochanteric depression due to excessive liposuction.

When using the Thigh Midine™, the patient should be in the lateral decubitus
position, with both legs straight. Lifting the uppermost thigh, the Midine™ is
placed between the thighs as illustrated. Two-inch wide paper tape may be used
to secure the midine to the surgical table and prevent it from sliding. A cloth
towel placed over the top of the Midine™ Provides additional comfort for the
patient’s thigh and leg.

The Thigh Aside™

The Thigh Aside™ is a rectangular foam pillow used for liposuction of the medial
aspects of the thigh and knee. The Aside supports the non-targeted leg in the
“high-step” position and facilitates access to the entire length of the targeted
medial thigh and knee in the anatomic position. Other surgical positions used for
medial thigh liposuction, such as the supine “frog-leg” position, distort medial
thigh fat, and predispose to liposuction irregularities. The anatomic position
minimizes the risk of inadvertently causing liposuction irregularities of the medial
thigh. By supporting the patient, the Aside™ provides improved patient comfort,
and minimizes the risk of liposuction irregularities of the medial thigh.


Liposuction Positioning Pillows

Topics Covered:

  • Prevent Liposuction Defects
  • Understanding the Trochanteric Pseudobulge
  • Thigh Lipowarp
  • Optimal Positioning
  • Lipotrop & Liponot

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