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HK Super Absorbent Pads Sterile/Non Sterile
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Item #: PD-(1st letter of size) (48 per case)

HK Surgical Super Absorbent pads – Sterile/Non Sterile are the ideal solution for creating a hygienic and comfortable experience for patient’s post-op experience.

Pad Dimensions:

Large: 19.5” x 12”

Medium: 15.75” x 12”

Small: 9.5” x 12”

Extra Small: 4.75” x 12”

Extra Large: 28” x 12”

Rectangle: 19”x16”

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Video on The Use of Super Absorbent Pads

The HK Super Absorbent Pad in Sterile or Non Sterile (US Patent No. 6,162,960) completely absorbs the copious tumescent drainage, improving patient comfort and hygiene. Fluid is held securely in the pad, preventing it from transferring through to the patient’s garment. A large HK Pad can absorb more than 1,000 ml of fluid, without leaking, while providing a dry surface against the patient’s skin. HK Pads can be replaced as needed, permitting the patient to shower. An additional function of the HK Super Absorbent Pad is to add uniform compression which narrows the gaps between interstitial collagen bundles in the dermis that prevent red blood cells from moving toward the skin surface, where they would appear as a bruise.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in

L, M, R, S, XL, XS


Sterile, Non-Sterile