HK Surgical is the recognized leader in the development of highly specialized Tumescent Local Anesthesia products in the medical device industry. We are the original designers of the Klein Infiltration Pump and the HK Aspiration Pump.


We stock a full line of products including, but not limited to, infiltration cannulasdisposable surgical tubingliposuction compression garmentsdisposable liners and surgical absorbent pads. HK Surgical is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the patented Capistrano Liposuction MicrocannulaMidine Surgical Positioning Pillow and HK Super Absorbent Pads. We are committed to our goal of earning and maintaining the trust of our valued customers. We recognize the importance of providing exceptional customer service and building a personalized relationship with our customers. We endeavor to provide specific product information and expedient order fulfillment. When you choose to do business with HK Surgical, you become more than just a client to us; you become an important partner in our business.




The HK Klein Infiltration Pump has revolutionized tumescent anesthesia infiltration and provides vascular surgeons with a new and effective method of delivery. The Klein Pump is reliable and efficient in reducing physician’s infiltrating time.


HK Surgical offers a wide selection of products that can be used in conjunction with multiple procedures in general surgery. HK Surgical carries a variety of disposable products used for infiltration and aspiration.


HK Surgical offers a wide variety of products that are used in various cosmetic procedures. Surgeons find our micro-cannulas to be ideal for procedures such as, local tumescent anesthesia infiltration, liposuction aspiration and fat transfer.

Liposuction 101 Tumescent Liposuction Training Course

is an intensive introduction to the “KleinLipo” tumescent liposuction technique using local anesthesia, an ideal office surgical procedure. The three day liposuction training course, is limited to 12 physicians, and is taught by Jeffrey Klein, M.D., the inventor the KleinLipo technique of tumescent liposuction.

To enroll call Atoussa at 949-248-1632 ext. 210