HK Surgical Absorbent OR Table Sheets

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  • Available in 31”x 48” (80cm x 122cm) or 31”x 71” (80cm x 180cm)
  • Single use only
  • 20 Table Sheets per case

HK Surgical Absorbent OR Table Sheets are pads intended for keeping patients dry during surgery. These table sheets eliminate the annoying and time-consuming process of having to change the pads from under the patient during surgery. Tumescent anesthesia and bodily fluids wick away into the pad, keeping the surface dry for the patient. Typically, only one table sheet per surgery needed. 

HK Surgical OR Table Sheets are available in 2 sizes to meet all your OR table needs. Sterile OR sheets are also available if preferred. (SPD-OR3171). 

Available in cases of 20.

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