HK Midine™ Positioning Pillow


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  • Pillow Dimensions: 26 x 15 x 13
  • Medical Grade Foam
  • Staph-Check Fabric

  • Midine Plastic Pillow Covers (CV-M25)

The Thigh Midine is a wedge-shaped, surgical positioning pillow that helps approximate the ideal, anatomic position with the patient in the lateral decubitus position.  

  • Of all areas treated by liposuction, the thigh is probably the most vulnerable to poor intraoperative positioning. 
  • Awkward positioning of the patient during liposuction increases the risk of cosmetic unsightly defects and irregularities. 
  • They facilitate superior aesthetic results for liposuction by allowing the surgeon to confidently remove enough fat to achieve significant improvement, while minimizing the risk of excessive fat extraction. 


  • Prevents liposuction defects 
  • Reduces risk of excessive liposuction that can cause indentations 
  • Helps to position & maintain the targeted thigh area in the ideal anatomic position during surgery 
  • Maximizes patient comfort during surgery 
  • Reduces touch-up, revision surgeries 
  • Happy Patients = More Referrals 

In the lateral decubitus position the Midine™ minimizes the pseudobulge by abducting the upper-most thigh. In fact, the trochanteric pseudobulge can be completely eliminated by using the Midine™ and also rotating the femur anteriorly and medially and pointing the toes of that foot in a “pigeon-toed” fashion. This maneuver causes the trochanteric tubercle to be displaced anteriorly, and medially. By using the Thigh Midine™ in this fashion, the surgeon can reduce the risk of creating a trochanteric depression due to excessive liposuction. 

When using the Thigh Midine™, the patient should be in the lateral decubitus position, with both legs straight. Lifting the uppermost thigh, the Midine™ is placed between the thighs as illustrated. Two-inch wide paper tape may be used to secure the midine to the surgical table and prevent it from sliding. A cloth towel placed over the top of the Midine provides additional comfort for the patient’s thigh and leg. 

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