About HK Surgical

HK Surgical is the recognized leader for Liposuction under safe Tumescent Local Anesthesia (TLA).

HK Surgical was founded in 1998 by Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein, the Inventor of liposuction, under Tumescent Local Anesthesia (TLA).

Under the HK Surgical brand, Dr. Klein, was the original designer of world renowned Klein InfiltrationPump (KIPII). HK Surgical has become synonymous when it comes to quality equipment for office-based liposuction.

HK Surgical has expanded our offerings to include Fat Harvesting and Grafting Instruments, so with just one stop you can fulfill all your needs.  If you have any questions or special needs please feel free to contact us. Click here or call 800-909-0060.

HK Surgical’s product lines include: Aspiration Pump (APIII), Infiltration and Aspiration Tubings, Klein microcannula sets for Infiltration and Aspiration, Super Absorbent Pads, Post-Operative Compression Garments, along with a line of OR Accessories.

We look forward to earning your business.

For more information about Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein or for his research, published articles or information videos, please visit www.tumescent.org.

If you would like to add liposuction to your practice and would like to be trained by Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein, please visit www.liposuction101.com.