Abbott Canisters


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Product Details

  • Reusable
  • Holds up to 1900 cc (2000 mL)
  • Easy-to-read volume markings
  • Made from durable, hard-shell plastic
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Sold per each
  • Abbott Liners (AL)
  • HK Aspirator (AP-III, AP230)
  • HK Heavy Aspiration Tubing (AT375)
  • HK Aspiration Tubing (AT6-10)

The Abbott Canister is an aspiration canister (also known as a suction canister) commonly used for fat collection in liposuction or blood and fluid collection during other surgical procedures. It is compatible with the HK Aspirator.

The easy-to-use, reusable canister is a tall, cylinder shape and is made from a durable, hard-shell plastic. Used in conjunction with an Abbott Liner, it can hold up to 1900 cc (2000 mL).

HK Heavy Aspiration Tubing (AT375) or HK Aspiration Tubing (AT6-10) both fit Abbott Canisters.

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