HK Aspiration Handles (Aluminum)


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Product Details

  • Reusable
  • Autoclavable
  • Aluminum
  • Blue
  • HK Aspiration Cannulas
  • HK Aspiration Tubing (AT6-10)
  • HK Heavy Aspiration Tubing (AT375)
  • HK Aspirator (AP-III, AP230)

The HK Surgical Aluminum Aspiration Handles are light-weight and utilized for liposuction procedures. There are four (4) options available: large or small, with or without a hole.

The Aluminum Aspiration Handles (with Hole) give the physician control at the thumb position to relieve the vacuum pressure while aspirating without having to remove the cannula or stop the Aspiration Pump.

All HK Aluminum Handles have a luer lock fitting on one end to be used with any luer lock style cannula. The base of the HK Aluminum Handles can accommodate all styles and sizes of aspiration tubing such as HK Aspiration Tubing and HK Heavy Aspiration Tubing.

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