Filtron Canister

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  • Single use only

  • IV Pole
  • Filtron Canister IV Pole Bracket w/ Clamp
  • Lipo Valet
  • HK Aspiration Pump

Tissu-Trans FILTRON is a fat collection system for fat grafting and fat harvesting. A favorite by those doing small to large fat transfer cases including scar revisions, BBL surgery, breast procedures, hand rejuvenation, and more.

The Filtron Canister simplifies the fat grafting process while also protecting the sterility of the fat. It includes built-in filters to remove waste and prepare for fat transfer or fat reinjection. Save time and effort with the ease of the Filtron System!

With Filter Technology:

  • Closed, single-use system
  • Sterile, disposable
  • Separates tissue and fluids by filtration
  • Filters and removes waste, non-viable cells, and excess fluid during harvest
  • No decant time required - fat is immediately ready for reinjection
  • Compatible with all aspirators and instruments
  • Eliminates the need for a centrifuge
  • Each unit includes 6′ Harvest Tubing and Transfer Tube with Luer Lock tip
  • Filtron Canisters are available in five-volume options: 100 cc, 250 cc, 500 cc, 1000 cc, 2000 cc
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