HK IT2X Infiltration Tubing

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  • Sterile, single use only
  • Connector Y Tubing
  • Luer Lock Connection
  • Inner Diameter - ID .110in (.279cm)
  • Outer Diameter - OD .160in (.406cm)
  • Length - 44in (112cm)
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • CE Marked
  • 10 HK IT2X Infiltration Tubes per case

  • Klein Infiltration Pump (KIP-II)
  • Klein Tumescent Infiltration Pump (KTIP)
  • Klein Touch Pump (KTP)
  • HK Single Spike Infiltration Tubing (ITS-10, ITS-20)
  • HK CV Single Spike Tubing (CVT-10, CVT-20)
  • HK Double Spike Infiltration Tubing (ITD-20)
  • HK Infiltration Cannulas
  • Tube Organizer (TO-100)
  • Safety Labels (SL-300)


The IT2X Infiltration Tubing is an extension tubing that is used in conjunction with HK Infiltration Tubing (ITS or ITD) and a model of the Klein Infiltration Pump (KIP-II, KTIP, or KTP).  

The distal end of the IT2X tubing has a luer lock, which connects to the luer lock on the HK Klein Infiltration Tubing or other luer lock connections. The other end of the IT2X tubing forms a Y-connection which separates into two (2) ends with luer lock connectors to attach to two (2) HK Infiltration Cannulas or other luer lock connections.

Available in cases of 10.

The IT2X Infiltration Tubing and Monty Infiltration Technique, designed by Dr. Jeffrey Klein, provide an innovative and proven method for dramatically reducing tumescent infiltration time by as much as 50%. 

  • Using the Klein Monty Infiltration Technique, a single clinician can infiltrate tumescent anesthesia by simultaneously using two (2) Monty Infiltration Cannulas and only one (1) Klein Pump. 
  • Alternatively, two (2) clinicians can infiltrate tumescent anesthesia with one (1) HK Infiltration Cannula per clinician and only one (1) Klein Pump. 
  • Most clinicians utilizing this technique prefer HK Double Spike Infiltration Tubing for the convenience of having two (2) tumescent IV bags spiked and avoid having to stop as often to change the IV tumescent bags.

(Cannulas in photo are not included.)

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