HK Aside Positioning Pillow


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  • Pillow Dimensions: 24 x 8 x 8
  • Medical Grade Foam
  • Covered with Staph-Check Fabric, an anti-bacterial vinyl plastic-coated fabric

The Thigh Aside Positioning Pillow is a rectangular foam pillow that helps position and maintain the targeted thigh area in the ideal anatomic position during liposuction of inner thighs and inner knees. 


Other surgical positions used for medial thigh liposuction, such as the supine “frog-leg” position, distort medial thigh fat, and predispose to liposuction irregularities. 

The Thigh Aside™ pillow optimizes the biomechanical positioning of the patient’s thighs during surgery. It facilitates superior aesthetic results for liposuction by allowing the surgeon to confidently remove enough fat to achieve significant improvement, while minimizing the risk of excessive fat extraction. 

By supporting the patient, the Aside™ Pillow provides improved patient comfort, and minimizes the risk of liposuction irregularities of the medial thigh. 

  • Prevents Liposuction Defects 
  • Reduces Risk of Excessive Liposuction that can cause indentations 
  • Helps to position & maintain the targeted thigh area in the ideal anatomic position during surgery 
  • Maximizes Patient Comfort During Surgery 
  • Reduces Touch-Up Surgeries 
  • Happy Patients = More Referrals  

(Pillows now come in a sleek, black color.)

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