IV Pole


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Product Details

IV Pole Specs:

  • 6 legs
  • 22′′ Diameter, low center of gravity steel base with Epoxy finish
  • Three premium Rubber Casters with Ball Bearings (10 year warranty)
  • Four Hook Top
  • 99′′ Fully Extended; 68′′ Compressed

  • Klein Infiltration Pump (KIP-II)
  • IV Pole Bracket (IVPB)

The IV Pole and IV Pole Bracket are designed to add ease and mobility of the Klein Pump securely around the operating room.

  • The IV Pole Bracket attaches to the IV Pole with the clamp of the bracket.

  • This IV Pole has six (6) feet and is weighted to ensure the weight of the Klein Pump prevents it from toppling.

IV Pole is non-returnable. Klein Pump and IV Pole Bracket are sold separately.

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