HK Klein Cart


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  • Dimensions of the two trays are: 29′′ x 21′′
  • The distance between the two trays is: 11′′
  • The height from the floor to the first tray is: 34′′

  • Klein Infiltration Pump (KIP-II)
  • Klein Touch Pump (KTP)
  • Klein Tumescent Infiltration Pump (KTIP)
  • HK Aspiration Pump (AP-III)

The Klein Cart is specially designed to accommodate and organize your entire system. The top shelf is ideal for holding surgical instruments, while keeping them in a sterile field, during a liposuction procedure or other cosmetic surgery. The second shelf is for the Klein Infiltration Pump, while the lower area accommodates the HK Aspirator and features “S” hooks for hanging IV bags. Removable trays and locking wheels add stability and mobility.

The Klein Cart adds ease and organization to your operating room settings.

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