HK Lipo Valet


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  • Footprint 48′′x22′′x22′′ (shelf - 22′′x 13.5′′)
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Holsters for foot pedals
  • Hospital grade locking wheels
  • Hospital grade power strip with 4 outlets
  • IV Pole
  • Additional hole on back to HK Aspirator Pole
  • Shelf for Klein Pump
  • Shelf for HK Aspirator
  • Mayo tray
  • Shipping included in pricing

  • Klein Infiltration Pump (KIP-II)
  • Klein Touch Pump (KTP)
  • Klein Tumescent
  • Infiltration Pump (KTIP)
  • HK Aspiration Pump (AP-III)

HK Surgical’s Lipo Valet is ideal for any practice that performs tumescent liposuction, fat harvesting/fat transfer, and other cosmetic surgery procedures. The Lipo Valet is specifically designed to accommodate a Klein Pump (KIP-II, KTP, or KTIP models), HK Aspiration Pump, foot pedals, and surgical instruments.
There is a hospital-grade power strip on the back of the Lipo Valet for the Klein Pump, HK Aspirator, and up to 2 other items. This not only helps keep cords organized but makes it easy to move while not in use, keeping the pumps and equipment safe and intact.

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