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HK Surgical now offers an easy-to-order package bundle for the HK Super Absorbent Pads (US Patent No. 6,162,960) and Super Absorbent OR Table Sheets with the HK Super Absorbent Pads - Economy Package.

The Super Absorbent Pads are used on patients as post-op dressings for Liposuction and other Tumescent Local Anesthesia procedures such as Vein Ablation and Phlebectomy. The Super Absorbent OR Table Sheets are used on the operating table and are a favorite by providers as they love how the fluid wicks into the pad leaving the surface dry to the touch and minimizes the need to change pads during the procedure.

For liposuction, the sizes in the Economy Pad Package are the most common for post-liposuction dressings of treated areas such as the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, hips, flanks, and arms which vary by person, treated area, and procedure.

Practices typically send patients home with the appropriate amount of pads for dressing changes usually determined by the volume of tumescent anesthesia used during the procedure.

The following products are included in the Economy Pad Package:

  • PD-M (12” x 15.75” – 30cm x 40cm), 1 box, qty. 48
  • PD-L (12” x 19.5” – 30cm x 50cm), 1 box, qty. 48
  • PD-XL (12” x 31” – 30cm x 79cm), 1 box, qty. 48
  • PD-OR3171 (31" x 71" - 80cm x 180cm), 1 box, qty. 20

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Visit HK Super Absorbent Pads or HK Super Absorbent OR Table Sheets for more specific information about these products.

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